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Premature Birth and its relation with growth, development and behavioral issues in children        

Dr. Nalinikanta Panigrahy

A baby is termed premature when baby is born before 37 weeks of gestation or three weeks before the due date at 40 weeks of pregnancy. There is a lot of care involved just after birth. But after the initial medical care the other most important aspect takes over and that is related to long term implications of a premature birth.  This is related to future growth, developmental and behavioral issues in children.

Not necessarily there will be an impact for sure and these issues are not only dependent on prematurity as they are found to be present in full term or normally born children as well but certain issues were found to be associated with prematurity also. There is a proper need of follow up in case of premature children and a systematic way of monitoring and tracking growth/development and other aspects of preemies. Doctors are best judge there but parents also need to be proactive and attentive in observing any sort of problem so that early intervention can be made.

This session is related to addressing your basic concerns/doubts/questions related to that and in general related to follow up in case of these issues.

KidNurture is always keen to make pediatric care and standards fully utilized in case of special needs of our children and request you to make best use of this session.


About Expert:

Dr Nalinikant Panigrahy is currently working as Consultant Neonatology & Development Pediatrician in Rainbow children’s hospital and perinatal Center Hyderabad. Along with neonatal intensive care service he is working as a neurodevelopment pediatrician. He has PG diplomas in development neurology as well as pediatric nutrition. He is trained in Development Neonatology and various Neurodevelopment Assessment tools.

His area of interests include care of extreme prematurity, high frequency ventilation, inhaled NO and Neurodevelopment follow up care.

Dr. Nalinikant is also a national level teaching faculty in neurodevelopment workshops and he has many research work and publications to his credit. He has worked as assistant professor in medical college,
speaker in many national conferences and workshops and served as examiner for National Level Neonatal IAP fellowship examination.


Shruti asked

My child had some birth time issues. He had a delayed cry, was in NICU for 7 days on gardinal. We got MRI of brain done and it was normal. What precautions or follow up should we do during his initial years?

Ashutosh asked

hi child is having mild asd he is 3 years old..therapyies are going on ..very few words able to speak.any other option we can try
Role of medication in treating Autism and ADHD        

Dr. Gopal

There are some general doubts and concerns in parents' minds when it comes to medication especially for ADHD and Autism. There are very different opinions and suggestions floating around.

Being a solution focused purely in this area, KidNurture would like to help in dispelling some of these doubts. For that we have sought inputs from a leading psychatrist Dr. Gopal Bhatia to answer those general doubts. You can post your questions, KidNurture will aggregate them and share with Dr. Gopal, once he responds with answers we will publish them.

So go ahead and use this opportunity to get answers to your doubts and concerns.

About Expert:

Dr. Gopal Bhatia, a Psychiatrist by profession plays a key role in resolving mental health issues by extending services like General Psychiatry, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Stress Management techniques. Based in Ahmedabad city, Dr. Bhatia is engaged in clinical practice since 2008.Dr. Bhatia is a MBBS, MD qualified mental health professional who has served a senior residency period at Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Delhi. His professional experience has spanned diverse set-ups ranging from private practice, corporate hospitals and tertiary level care for Neurosciences.

Shree asked

How beneficial nutritional support is in treating Autism, whether GFCF diet, or vitamin supplements ?

Dr. Gopal

For both,research is one knows how it helps if it doesn't work for everyone.. professional help is much needed to plan such individualised treatment regimen otherwise they might evoke side effects as well

Anurag asked

Is admenta used for ASD treatment, how effective is that?
Dr. Gopal

Yes...admenta is used in treatment of ASD...few studies have yielded positive results but more robust trials are needed to support the claim of its effectiveness