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What is Pivotal Response Training (PRT)?

By : Dr. KidNurture

Pivotal Response Training is a type of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy.

It uses developmental principles (for example, child’s lead in the intervention) along with the ABA principles such as reinforcement. Its goals include the development of communication, language and positive social behaviors and relief from disruptive self-stimulatory behaviors. Rather than target individual behaviors, the PRT therapist targets “pivotal” areas of a child's development. These include motivation, response to multiple cues, self-management and the initiation of social interactions.

It is extremely beneficial as autistic children do not have the same motivation to social learning which is developed, along with creating intensity of the intervention without hours and hours with the therapist, in desirable and natural settings which are comfortable and convenient for both the child and parents. It has a strong empirical evidence and is definitely one’s choice along with other complementing therapies. 

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