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Why do we need to do this ?

Coz Early Intervention is the key...

What research says..

All children develop differently and at a different pace but still there are lots of common factors on which the whole science of child growth and development is built upon.Observing, evaluating and taking actions on this information is very important for child’s health and development. Early detection and intervention constitute the most potent and strong protection which can be provided to a child during his growth and development. Most of the studies point towards this only –

“developmental and social-emotional delays can be subtle and can occur in children who appear to be developing typically, most children who would benefit from early intervention are not identified until after they start school.”

What we can do..

As a proactive parent it is our duty to regularly monitor growth and development of our children. Health professionals act as partners to parents in this process. This monitoring is very much important in identifying any problem early and many troubles are sorted out easily if they are nipped in the bud. Children grow and develop very quickly, especially in the early years. If some problems are not discovered and treated early, it can lead to further problems later in life. We as parents can do our bit here by taking on responsibility of monitoring these important milestones and taking our observations to healthcare professionals for informed action. All it takes proper information and tools to do so and some of our time (which we are sure every parent will happily find for his or her loved one.)

What KidNurture does..

KidNurture is an effort in this direction which allows parents to effectively perform this duty by timely and accurately gaining, storing, analyzing this information and consulting it with the doctors. Your child’s KidNurture profile aims to be the bridge between your active monitoring and your doctor’s efforts. By no means has KidNurture aimed to substitute expert medical advice, instead it aims to strengthen the medical efforts in this area by making us parents more aware and resourceful about our role. And we know there is nothing more fulfilling than this satisfaction that you are leaving no stone unturned for your kid’s Nurture.

How and When should we do it...

Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), American Academy of Pediatrics and other leading bodies have laid down certain guidelines to bring a system to this process. They suggest periodic monitoring at vaccination contacts, well child visits and some special visits just to check whether there are any delays or issues to be addressed. KidNurture is an effort to help in this process by providing tools to both parents and doctors, where parents can keep on recording/monitoring important pieces of information and pay regular visits to doctors with that systematic information. Then doctor can use advanced tools of KidNurture for further analysis, assessment and address any issue/concern.